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Talk about Founders Day of Giving with your personal AΣΤ network. Calls, texts, social media tags, and emails are a great way to invite your Sister-friends to the fun!


On November 4-5, share your link and win prizes! When others donate with your URL, their donation will count towards a gift you brought in for the day's total!

Ambassador Prizes

Founders Day of Giving is only possible thanks to our dream team of Ambassadors spreading the word and encouraging others to donate.

As a thank you, Ambassadors who raise money through their unique link during Founders Day of Giving will receive one of these one-of-a-kind gifts!

talking points

What is Founders Day of Giving?
Alpha Sigma Tau's Founders Day of Giving is a two-day fundraising event, calling on AΣΤ alumnae, collegians, families, and friends to rally together and support the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation.

What does a donation support?
Gifts to the AΣΤ Foundation provide financial support for many of the Sorority’s educational and charitable programs. Whether it is grant funding to keep sorority membership costs accessible, programs that enrich our lives and make us all better women, or tools to help members navigate life’s uncertainty, gifts to the Foundation impact all areas of the organization. Day of Giving contributions help ensure our Sisterhood not only survives but is positioned to thrive!

Sample messages

Posting on Facebook and/or Instagram is a great way to spread the word about #ASTFoundersDayofGiving! Use photos from your favorite Alpha Sigma Tau memories and tag your Alpha Sigma Tau besties to help it expand beyond your network. Include a message like, “So glad Alpha Sigma Tau brought us together...I hope all these Sisters join me in Alpha Sigma Tau’s Founder’s Day of Giving! [unqiue URL]".

  • “Proud to be an Alpha Sigma Tau, and proud to contribute my share in the celebration of 122 years of Sisterhood! Help us make Alpha Sigma Tau history by making your gift of any size [insert unique URL] #ASTFoundersDayofGiving”

  • “On November 4, 1899, eight women created a legacy that has reached thousands of women over a century. Today, we honor them by celebrating our sisterhood with Founder’s Day of Giving. It’s a chance for every sister to be part of ensuring our legacy continues for another 122 years. Join us in the celebration by making a gift here: [insert unique URL] #ASTFoundersDayofGiving”

  • “The Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation ensures that our college-aged sisters have the tools and resources they need to navigate life. I support the Foundation because I believe that more support for women makes us a stronger Sisterhood. Will you join me today in supporting Alpha Sigma Tau’s Founder’s Day of Giving? [unique URL] #ASTFoundersDayofGiving”


Send emails in advance of the day to make sure you’re leaving enough time for people to check their email.

Subject Line: Alpha Sigma Tau Founders Day of Giving

Hi ________,

We are just a few days away from Alpha Sigma Tau’s Founders Day of Giving! To celebrate, we are hosting a two-day virtual giving event on November 4-5, 2021. This is our opportunity to give back to our Sisterhood that has given us so much!

Gifts to the Alpha Sigma Tau Foundation give our sisters educational opportunities that help them navigate issues that surround today’s college students, provide scholarship opportunities for our Sisters who may be struggling to make ends meet, provide grant funding that keep sorority costs accessible, and more!

I will be making my gift during Founders Day of Giving because [insert why you are an Ambassador and supporting the effort].

Will you join me on November 4-5 in supporting Alpha Sigma Tau?

To make your gift head to [insert link] and join us in the Facebook event [here].

In Sisterhood,

[Your Name]

Text Message/Direct Message

“Hey [person’s name]! Happy Founders Day! Today I’m celebrating by giving to the AΣT Foundation during Founders Day of Giving. Would you consider joining me and making a gift of your own? [insert unique URL]”

“Hey [person’s name]! A bunch of us are supporting [insert chapter designation] in the AΣT Founders Day of Giving Chapter Challenge - would you consider giving a gift today? The day supports the AΣT Foundation, and the chapters that win the chapter challenge get prizes! Let’s rally all of our sisters to support [insert chapter designation]! [insert unique URL]”




Our Ambassador dream team

  • Jacqueline Albert
  • Jessa Albert
  • Natalie Beaupre
  • Addie Beckham
  • Rita Bertolino
  • Jamie Bider
  • Julie Blaetz
  • Angela Bong
  • Cassie Buckalew
  • Erika Bukva
  • Wendy Bunch
  • Tracy Ciabattoni
  • Cassidy Cooper
  • Chrissi Cullen
  • Sarah Culler
  • Amanda Davis
  • Gabi Del Rio
  • Tiphany DiMauro
  • Kristin Donnelly
  • Sailynn Doyle
  • Sonja Duelberg
  • Kristina Eaton
  • Mary Ellen Willmitch
  • Leah Evans
  • RyRy Farrell
  • Karah Fissel
  • Tara Foncannon
  • Julianna Foy
  • Stacey Fragile
  • Nicole France
  • Jordan Frederking
  • Rachel Fuller
  • Kristi Geiger
  • Francie Grasso
  • Rachel Green
  • Kris Haskin
  • Leah Hawthorne
  • Kirsten Heck
  • Lizzie Henningfeld
  • Sarah Hinshaw
  • Teresa Hogan
  • Jamie Jones Miller
  • Samantha Katus
  • Claire Kearns
  • Jenni Kemmery
  • Karen Kessler
  • Bri Kessler
  • Christina Knizner
  • Dawn Lecker
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Stephanie Lezotte
  • Heather Lowman
  • Kristi MacCready
  • Mary Mazzola
  • Shae McLin
  • Tori Middleton
  • Bev Molnar
  • Carol Mooney
  • Holly Morris
  • Rosalinda Moya
  • Meredith Murray
  • Pam Myhre
  • Jullie Nauman
  • Anna Neal
  • Gabby Nelson
  • Cassidy Nulty
  • Kelli O'Brien
  • Melinda Oates
  • Katherine Onyshko
  • Jim Paponetti
  • Katie Perschbacher
  • Amanda Peters
  • Sarah Pinkerton
  • Liz Plume
  • Morgan Shiflett
  • Nadiya Siregar Conner
  • Katie Smallegan
  • Ashley Smith Ried
  • Erin Snyder
  • Laura Squires
  • Nicki Stanley
  • Colleen Stiening
  • Ryann Story
  • Emily Sutton
  • Kate Sweeney
  • Sam Thomas
  • Allyson Tolles
  • Jennifer Trainum
  • Jess Treneer
  • Evangelia Tsagaris
  • Carolina Valenzuela
  • Brandy VanLoo
  • Kellie Vehlies
  • Tina Velt
  • Jason Villegas
  • Joanne Walter
  • Kate Wehby
  • Hannah Whitt
  • Sierra Whittington
  • Rebecca Yaun
  • Tsai-Ann Yawching
  • Bethany Yost
  • Jessi Zabriskie